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Strictly Fitteds Sports Week Update Top 5 Plays of 2012

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What a heck of a year 2012 was in the sports world.  There were so many great moments across all the sports leagues from amazing catches, no look passes, bone jarring tackles, buzzer beaters, and impossible touchdowns.  But there were only 5 plays that were the cream of the crop.  Click the jump to take a look at the Top 5 plays of 2012.

5. Blue Jays Rajai Davis robs Yankees Casey Mcgehee HR

Play number 5 from 2012 is an amazing display of hops and timing.  Casey Mcgehee of the (Yankees) stepped up to the plate and crushed a ball that appeared to be an easy homerun.  Little did he know that Rajai Davis (Blue Jays) is a descendent of Superman (not really).  Davis ran back towards to the wall with the hopes of just being able to attempt to make a play on the ball, jumped up and brought a ball back from atop the 10 foot wall in left field.  Mcgehee stood by first base in disbelief as well as the rest of the spectators.  Watch the YouTube clip below.





4. Harrison Barnes posterizes Nikola Pekovic badly

The number 4 play of 2012 happens to be the most recent.  On November 24th the Warriors and the Timberwolves squared off in what would be thought to be a lackluster affair, but what happened was the Number 1 play of the 2012-2013 NBA season and the Number 4 play of 2012.  When David Lee received the pass at the bottom of the key it could have easily been just a baby hook shot for two points.  With Harrison Barnes at the 3-point line he saw an opening in the lane and took off like a rocket.  Lee hit him with a crisp pass and Barnes jumped sky high and Pekovic tried to equal Barnes jump.  What a mistake that was.  Barnes threw the ball down with such force you immediately felt bad for Pekovic.  The crowd at the Oracle Arena erupted like it was a Game 7 buzzer beater, and rightfully so.  Check out the clip below.




3. Lebron James embarrasses John Lucas 

King James finally got his coveted championship ring but his true highlight of the year was a dunk that almost took away John Lucas' pride.  When the Heat and Bulls squared off last year it was always a great matchup.  In this particular matchup on January 29th Lebron did something that is usually only seen on AND 1 mixtapes and dunk contests.  Lebron James stood in the right corner of the court with John Lucas' back facing him.  Lebron took off for the basket just as Dwayne Wade lobs it towards the hoop.  Lucas attempts to jump to grab the ball but doesn't get off the floor much and Lebron grabs the balls, flies over Lucas' head, and slams the ball in for one of their many circus act plays.  Now Lucas isn't that small (he is 5'11") but Lebron made him look like he was 3 feet tall.  It took the crowd a second to react because they were so stunned at what they saw.  Watch the YouTube clip below to relive the Number 3 moment.


American League Rookie Of The Year, Mike Trout shows he CAN fly

The AL Rookie Of The Year had one heck of a season.  The 21 year old rookie made the MLB play of the year against the Baltimore Orioles early in the season.  Orioles star J.J. Hardy absolutely crushed a ball to center field but the only problem is that is where Trout roams.  Trout makes a "b-line" for the wall jumps what appears to be to the clouds, outreaches his arm, and snags a sure fire homerun ball.  The best part of the catch is Angel's pitcher Jared Weaver's reaction.  He stood on the mound with his jaw dropped and a look of disbelief in his eyes.  Check out the Number 2 play at the link below.



1. Eli Manning to Manningham - Superbowl Shocker Part II

The Number 1 play on this list gave everyone a little bit of Deja Vu.  Now I may be a little biased on this play because I was lucky enough to be at Superbowl 46 and a fan of the NY Giants but the play is just that incredible.  The game, the situation, the throw, the catch, the footwork, and the final score all make this play Number 1.  The Giants received a Patriots punt at the own 12 yard line with 3 minutes and 46 seconds left on the clock and down by 2.  After what Eli Manning did during the regular season this seemed like plenty of time left for the "Comeback Kid".  Manning took the snap and Manningham streaked down the left sideline while the Patriots defensive line put some pressure on the QB.  Manning threw of his back foot (like he always seems to do in these situations) and hit Manningham in stride while he was tiptoeing the sideline.  Manningham someone managed to keep two feet in bounds while securing the ball with both hands and getting hit by two of the Patriots defensive backs.  Another great part of this play was that it happened right in front of Patriots head coach Bill Bellichick and he still challenged the ruling on the field.  After the referee looked at the play, for what seemed to be forever, he announced to the crowd that is was indeed a catch.  The feeling from all Giants fans was that this game was in the bag and Eli would lead the Giants to victory, which he did.  Relive the magical moment below.



So there you have it.  The Top 5 plays of the 2012 sports year.  Agree or Disagree?  Drop a comment below and leave your two cents.