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Fitted Cap News: Monday, June 24, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Monday, June 24, 2019


Arkansas Diamantes 59fifty Fitted Cap by New Era x MILB



It's a new season, and Copa de la Diversión is expanding big time. One of the new teams in the fold is the Arkansas Travelers as the Arkansas Diamantes. For the headgear to their games, they will be wearing the Arkansas Diamantes 59fifty Fitted Cap, produced by New Era and MILB with a 3 tone fashion of red, green and yellow. Embroidered on the front panels is the team logo, a vector image of a Mexican male wearing a sombrero, and a distinct look thanks to his long and pointed mustache to resemble Diamantes,  a legendary baseball player of Latin decent who played baseball in historic Hot Springs, Arkansas. The rumor is that Diamantes came to Arkansas in search of Diamonds, looking for prosperity and the American Dream. Not to far off from our current situation.  When he wasn't playing baseball he would spend countless hours digging for real diamonds and earned the nickname "Diamantes". One day, Diamantes went out to look for real diamonds and he was never heard from again.  Rock this piece and chances are you will stand out in a crowd like the diamonds he was in search of. Get your Copa de la Diversión Arkansas Diamantes 59fifty Fitted Cap HERE.

Arkansas Diamantes 59fifty Fitted Cap side

Arkansas Diamantes 59fifty Fitted Cap Back