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Fitted Cap News: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The concept began in 1992 when former Phoenix Suns star Danny Ainge founded the first exclusive hat store. Ainge wanted to create a mecca for hat aficionados like him that would support their passion for hats. HAT CLUB was created as the original Membership-based hat store of its kind, with its first store taking the space of a former janitor’s closet in a Mesa, AZ mall. Today, HAT CLUB has become the premier retail destination for hat fanatics with more than 7,000 hats in each of its 23 stores.

HAT CLUB was a pioneer in the custom headwear industry by being one of the first stores to collaborate with headwear manufacturers and design custom hat colorways. The stores have since earned the reputation for being the spot for exclusive hats. From pro team caps, to representing the cultures of its customers, HAT CLUB has been an innovator for unique logos and colorways. A few of HAT CLUB’s creations that helped spark revolutions were its “The Bay” hat representing the SF Bay Area, its tribute to Phoenix with the “Phoenix Bird” hats, and its now world-famous “Filipino Flag” hat.

HAT CLUB localizes and customizes its selection with unique brands and HAT CLUB trademarked designs not found in national chains. They were first to carry an extensive selection of Action Sports brands headwear, and have grown to include a wide assortment of hard-to-find Streetwear brands. Its list of labels includes several lesser known yet highly influential streetwear shops from around the globe, including Fitted Hawaii, Acapulco Gold, Huf and Hall of Fame. These niche unique labels and shops keep HAT CLUB on the pulse of the headwear enthusiast, and helps bring exposure to great brands around the world.

HAT CLUB continues to produce exclusive and custom product collaborations with New Era, Mitchell & Ness, Zephyr, and many other brands. In addition is also about to launch its own line of custom trademarked logos coming this 2012 Holiday season. HAT CLUB has maintained its focus on unique caps that are market specific to their loyal clientele base. Its new line of logos will show off fresh and never-before-seen versions of the cultures that its customers stand for. At HAT CLUB, a hat is more than just a hat; it is a way to define yourself.

HAT CLUB: 20 Years Of Defining Themselves