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Fitted Cap News: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Fitteds first went live. We have been blessed by the support of our loyal fans and sponsors. After humble beginnings, Strictly Fitteds is currently read in 164 countries; from Afghanistan to Vietnam. With over 10,000 plus posts published and 45,000 plus air miles traveled, we are most definitely hungry for more. With this in mind we are honored and excited to present our latest edition.

We are constantly pushing for new ways to tell a story and there are hundreds of thousands waiting to be told. We are talking new brands, innovative ideas and bright upcoming designers. Welcome to our newly minted magazine page; the new home of our exclusive content. This new feature includes super-sized blog width images in a horizontal layout. Expect a more in depth view of our favorite piece of headwear, from the past, present and future.


So why the changes? Point blank, good simply isn’t good enough, so we are stepping our game up. Call it beating back boredom by keeping things fresh. We are looking forward to this opportunity to continue to entertain, inform and educate. Keep checking back here regularly for the very best in the world of fitted baseball cap news and culture.

We are Strictly Fitteds.

Introducing Strictly Fitteds Magazine