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Fitted Cap News: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Special places breed special people and special things. IN4MATION blessed us with a series of photographs showcasing a day of Living the "hi" life. This series of shots captures a free flowing day cruising around the island of Oahu. From the Human Imagination shop in the historic chinatown arts district, to the Pali lookout and the North Shore, the In4mants show how things can truly be so simple. They brought out a few unreleased fitted baseball caps for the trip.

10 years in the business, the Hawaiian island's own have sold over 3,000 fitteds. The most popular style within their range is the "hi" baseball cap. The script text logo is open to interpretation. Originally designed by Elska Sandor in New York City, her intent was to create something positive, representing the Human Imagination. The end result is open to interpretation. Depending on the viewer it can mean, Hawaii, high, hello, and so on

Just another day in paradise. After looking at these scenic views, we are heavily considering booking a flight to Hawaii to escape the cold crush of winter. There is no word about if or when these caps will become available. Stay close and we will definitely keep you well in4ormed. Until then check www.in4mants.com

Photography / Videography: Brooke Dombroski

Model: Kaiwi Berry

Living In The HI Life With IN4MATION