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Fitted Cap News: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

We are very proud of our new logo which we call the mid-century lock up. This was another collaborative project with Jason and Casey BRANDIOSE. The end result is something that looks right at home in the out field. A real thing of beauty. We've got several projects on the drawing board and we are giving you our readers the opportunity to vote for an upcoming Strictly Fitteds baseball cap to drop later this year. We have over 70 different color ways drawn up. In this feature we have selected four styles for you to judge. First up is Teal, Pink Flash and Filiment Green. The obvious tie in here is Lebron VIII South Beach kicks and the variations of that color way.

Respect the old school. We took some inspiration from the 90's Spurs era colors. The bright neon embroidery is balanced out by the neutral stone crown and Black bill. A simple pop of color, while keeping things reasonably calm.

Woodland camouflage and safety orange ain't just for hunters. Over the years, the pattern and color combination moved from field and stream to street and pavement. We are calling this a modern classic. We decided to put our stamp on the situation

Everyone loves a finished product, but half the fun is dreaming up all the possible combination of materials and colors. This one is Key Lime, Black and Hot Pink. This one emerged after hours of staring at the screen.

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