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Fitted Cap News: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fire and ice. Representing Bloomington Illinois, the BLOOMINGTON BLAZE are celebrating their inagural season during the current 2011-12 season. Playing for the Central Hockey League in the Turner Conference, the minor league ice hockey franchise kept the game in town, replacing the Prairie Thunder. The team's new identity moves things from a pastoral theme to a more edgy, aggressive look. Their logo is a simple and effective; a flaming iconic B.We were impressed by the fresh new face on the ice. The Blaze fan store is not live, and there are no images of any upcoming headwear choices available. It seemed like a missed opportunity, so we drafted up a few concept fitted caps using the team's official colors. When the management does come around, we suspect they have a winner on their hands.

Iconic logos transcend team spirit and take on a life of their own. Time will tell how the situation plays out. In our opinion, the team has a bright future in merch. For more information about the Blaze visit  www.bloomingtonblaze.com

WHAT IF: Bloomington Blaze Fitted Cap Designs