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Fitted Cap News: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hordes of fitted fans celebrated the return of the NFL license to NEW ERA this year. After a 10 year absence, record breaking sales have been reported of the gridiron caps. The question remains if NFL 59Fifty fitted caps in custom color ways will appear on store shelves. Reebok introduced their Kolors line in 2008. The collection presented the range of NFL teams in bright pop colors. Did that experiment taint the League's opinion of alternate color ways? We have yet to hear a definitive answer on the subject. Our readers have let their anticipation be known. We count ourselves in the group that would love to see the full range of National Football League teams (past and present) to be made available in a wide range colors, fabrics and patterns. In this What If feature we dressed up a few NFL team caps in some imaginative color ways. Our lineup includes The Detroit Lions, The Miami Dolphins, The San Diego Chargers and The Jacksonville Jaguars. Here's to hoping.

We take the Detroit Lions on a trip to Jamaica, in our alternate universe. Using the color combination of Red, Green and Yellow with Black accents, the sports franchise does its best impression of The Lion Of Judah. The Green and Black gradient is the centerpiece. Someone get Snoop Lion on the phone. Jah Rastafari.

This one is an easy stretch of the imagination. The South Beach color way has been cemented into the evergreen status. It has pushed past the 80's Miami Vice references and sits at the right hand of the "King" Lebron James. The Miami Dolphins done up in the Hot Pink, Teal and Black is only right.

Power. The San Diego Chargers don't have any bragging rights when it comes to Superbowl Championships, but they do have a winning logo. Think Zeus' thunderbolt. We couldn't think of a better team to dress up in the color way of Volt, Green and Grey. This is a shoe in, pun intended, for dozens of kicks.

One won't do. We couldn't let the Chargers go without an encore. Sneakerheads up on their A game will catch the reference. No need to spoil things by spelling it all out. The point to be made, is that there are certain teams that in spite of a horrible win loss ratio still have the power of iconic branding. The Chargers are exactly one of those.

This Voltron inspired color way is a nod to the White Lion - the literal head of the pack. Sure, we took some creative license with the species shift. Cut us some slack, it's all for fun folks. The bill sports a Safari print inspired pattern.

This second Jacksonville Jaguars custom was inspired by Bagheera the black-toned Indian leopard, from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.

We are patient. You know the drill. Hurry up and wait until those decision makers make their move. You know our vote.

WHAT IF: Custom NFL Fitted Cap Colorways