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Fitted Cap News: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Talking point: Tim Tebow. With just one full NFL season in his career, the 24 year old, 6'4 Denver Broncos starting quarterback has been a hot topic for his on field performance and his faith. His frequent displays of piety during games inspired a wave of  “kneel-downs / prayer pose moments" by fans and haters. As Tebow tells it, it's all due to his "Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". The jury is still out on if divine intervention is indeed at work with the Broncos this season. Call it happy accidents or Hand of God, their season has had some seriously awe striking moments. Not that we think Tebow is worthy of sainthood, but the man has definitely kept things inspirational. We thought it fitting to drawing up a "What If" series of Tebowing fitted caps. Surprising no one has capitalized on the phenomenon yet. Enough of the bad puns - on to the hats.

WHAT IF: Tebowing Fitted Cap Designs