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Fitted Cap News: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Reading for some football? Skull cap, flex-fits and other strap caps dominate the merchandising arm of the sport. It is rare to see a true fitted in the mix The American headwear invention hasn’t been fully embraced by the world of sport in the UK. The reasons are highly debatable and numerous. Granted, you won’t find a fitted cap on field or the sidelines of a match. The same applies to world’s of hockey, basketball and football which have all have thriving sales of team fitted “baseball” caps. Could it be an example of a cultural divide? Could it be a practical merchandising choice for retailers? Could it be a simple difference of style? Being fitted cap lovers we consider it a shame, since football clubs have a proud rich history and a wealth of amazing logos.

In this What If feature we re-imagined some UK Football club fitted caps. We selected five teams; Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham and created fitted designs inspired by their own logos and kits from past and present. We mixed up tradition and took some creative risks. These flips combine our love of the fitted caps and respect for each club. Here is a bit of a disclaimer. We haven’t pledged our support to a club (yet). The entire footie supporter culture is extremely passionate and fiercely loyal. There are traditionalists in the audience that might not appreciate our take on their favorite team. Kick back, relax – it’s only a “What if”.

fter taking ownership of CHELSEA in 2003, Roman Abramovich turned the team to one of Football's (Soccer) powerhouses. With names Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Cech and several others to their name, Cheslea is tipped year after to year to not only challenge on a domestic stage, but on a world stage competing in the Champions League.

We choose Chelsea’s 4th crest logo. Introduced in 1986, this modernization of "lion rampant regardant", crest and roses featured a naturalistic non-heraldic lion, leaping over the club’s three initials. We flipped the kit colors, making yellow more predominant with the design.

LIVERPOOL started a new chapter after the departure of Fernando Torres to Chelsea. Current manager Kenny Daglish turned his team around by adding fresh faces like Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll to strengthen their frontline. Recently Liverpool has struggled despite having 18 Premier League titles and 5 Champions League trophies. Not qualifying for CL and struggling in the UEFA cup has frustrated their loyal fans. Things are starting to look up for Liverpool as they are poised to make a strong come back, climbing to the top of the table and a return to glory.

We flipped the teams’ home kit colors into a two tone style using Turquoise from the logo as an accent color.

Nicknamed the "Gunners", ARSENAL was once one of the most talented and feared teams. Thierry Henry dominated all competitions, but the New York Red Bull striker now finds himself playing amongst other former greats in the MLS. However, the North London club still challenges with talented players such as Jack Wilshere, Andrei Arshavin, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and their captain, Robin Van Persie.

The combination of the club’s name and iconic cannon creates a military undertone.We added a UK Desert DPM to the back panels and under bill as an accent. The two-tone camouflage picks up the Gold in the team’s logo.

Although it has been quite sometime since the "SPURS" won a piece of silver, Harry Rednapp's TOTTENHAM continues to be the talk of the league. Year after year, the Spurs show great promise with a talented roster with headliners Jermain Defoe, Rafael van der Vaart, Gareth Bale, and Luka Modric, but fail to cement their place as the frontrunner to win it all. However, teams know that coming into White Hart Lane is never an easy task. Tottenham always puts up a fight and can surprise at any moment.

Like many football clubs, the Spurs previous logos were very elaborate. We chose the more streamlined, current version of a cockerel perched on top of a ball in Navy and White.

Lead by one of Soccer's most successful and tenured coaches, Sir Alex Ferguson, MANCHESTER UNITED stands as England's most fiercest teams. Their roster is a mix of veteran players and young talent. The team is flawless at times. The reigning champions of the Premier League face a tough time ahead of them with their rivals, Manchester City. However for Wayne Rooney and company, they are usually tipped to win.

Manchester United’s logo is complex with many intricate parts. We took the ball from the design and created an all over pattern for the crown. We color blocked the bill and embroidery allowing the team’s colors to be represented proportionately through the piece.

WHAT IF: UK Football Club Concept Cap Designs